Some of the stuff we can do together



 Be that place. Be the one people talk about. Make your mark on the world. Pee on some light posts!

Branding is the first step in getting people through your door. It is not a logo, or the cushions you chose. It is the complete picture, your identity, your first impression.

Getting this part right is an involved process, but it is also supposed to be fun. It should reflect you, your style, and your desires, and be aimed at the market you want to attract. 

Together we will look at all the factors in your branding concept design a brand that gets you and your market excited

Marketing and Promotion


 Marketing in the 21st century is complex. 

We cannot just put signs in the window. Even if we are comfortable on facebook, the average knowledge is not enough to be competitive. Marketing takes technical skills and creativity. 

Let my team of gurus get their hands on your social stuff. We can either train you, or take on your online marketing presence.

But it is not all about the social media platforms. There is a big call for unique promotion. No, we won't dress you up a costume and make you stand on the street (that's what staff are for!). But what we will do is design promotion and marketing based on your market, find ways to reach them that really makes you stand out from the crowd.

And while we are at it we can also take stunning images of your venue and products. And we can show you some easy tips and tricks to get the most out of our own pictures. 

Lets get your market whet for your wares. 

Aesthetics and Design


 Is your space in need of a little face lift? 

Are you planning a business but unsure where to put what?

Do you have a style in mind but not sure how to achieve it in your budget?

Thinking outside the box, finding ways to achieve what you want. I have partnerships with interior designers, and tradespeople who I know and trust,. We can get them in to look at what needs to be done, or we can collaborate with suppliers of your choice. 

Plan layouts which  work smoothly, and incorporate all the necessities into a cohesive space for maximum productivity.

Whether your budget is coin change or a blank cheque, decor and functionality are just as important as what's on the shelves or coming out of the kitchen.

Get your place looking schmick.

Stock Selection and Menu Design


 This bit I TRULY love. Designing menus, creating new dishes, finding new ingredients and suppliers,  researching recipes...that is what I do for fun (I know, I need a hobby!).

The constant need to update your menu, or what to hold in stock, can get exhausting. What used to be the best part of working with food, can get tiring and stressful when mixed in with all the other aspects of owning and running a business. 

Food costs, ease of implementation and prep, trends, market demands and facilities are all taken into consideration to design a menu that suits you.

Let's discuss your ideas, suggest new ones, tweak them, start from scratch. Whatever you feel is needed.

Staff Assessment


 Ok as fun as it would be, I won't dress in a mask and a trench coat, or take pictures with a telephoto lens, but what I can do is send in a mystery guest.

My team can assess the business in ways that are not possible from the inside. 

This type of assessment is undertaken by all major retailers and service businesses. It gives owners an insight into what their business looks like from a customer's perspective.

We can then work together to improve the areas which need it, and also show appreciation to the staff who are working hard to make your guests happy.

Staff Training


 One of the biggest deciding factors for customers as to whether they will return to an establishment, is the service they receive. A thousand errors can be overlooked with a vibrant, friendly, professional front of house team.  Transversely the most amazing  food can be served, but if the service is sub-par, then the chances are you will lose your return customers. 

In the same respect, a well trained front of house team should be able to increase the per head/per table spend by reading their guests and introducing additional spending opportunities.

I can spend the time with your staff, or give you some techniques to pass onto them. A day with the crew, some handy tips, a few tried-and-tested scripts and good laugh should see some marked improvement in your team's customer service standards.