Up close and personal

Smoosh over here, closer, let's get to know each other.

Hospitality, restaurant, cafe, gourmet food retail, supermarket, butcher, deli, wine bar, food van, caterer, private chef, cooking school.

Food and hospitality take a special kind of crazy. All the pressure of a surgeon, but without the benefit of your customers being under anesthetic. 


To work as hard as it takes in this industry and then be expected to step up and reinvent the wheel, keep up with trends, market demands, costs, and every other curveball you get thrown.  It is exhausting!


The one thing I know for sure is that when you are so involved in your business it is really tricky to see it for what it is. You can't see the wood for the trees. When you're too close stuff gets blurry. Maybe it has been a drop in guests, or a decrease in spend per head. Maybe you have a great idea, but not sure how to launch it. Maybe your menu needs a refresh, but you have food block (it's a real thing, I've been there). Or maybe you just want someone whose shoulder you can cry between service?

You need a fresh perspective on your business. Someone to walk in and see it clearly, for what it is. See the great bits, and the bits that need some work. I am the fresh eyes to help, no matter what it is that you need help with. I understand and care about what you do every day. Let me help you to fall in love all over again, reignite your spark for this wonderful industry.

Whether you are an established business who is feeling a little stagnant, or you have an idea to start a business, develop a new product, launch a new concept. I love this industry, and helping others succeed in it.

Why pick me?

Because I get it!

After more than 20 years in the food and hospitality industry, working in nearly every role, there isn't much that surprises me anymore. I have seen it all. 

I have owned and operated my own cafe, a gourmet food store and catering business. I have worked in all areas; from scrubbing dishes, flipping burgers, teaching cooking classes, running front of house, coordinating major weddings and corporate events. I have been responsible for writing menus, training staff, negotiating with clients and suppliers. Waited tables, swept floors, designed displays, stocked shelves, changed kegs and shaken martinis. 

I am not a number cruncher, or business advisor who has never served a table. I am a  'been there - done that' thinker who knows and loves this industry. I develop fresh ideas and love problem solving.    

My passion is making people happy - as most of us do. But now my focus is seeing business owners happy, because if they are happy, so are their guests. Smiles on faces and stonkingly great food, that is what life is all about (and beer, beer also helps).

But enough about me...Tell me about you and your business.